When you purchase a spa from Aspen, you’re getting an exclusive design, incredible durability, confidence in clarity, astonishing efficiency and the reliability and performance that can only come from a spa

They are some of the best spas on the market, because they are built with quality and innovation at the forefront. Aspen take immense pride in being able to offer consumers exclusive designs that maximize comfort for all body sizes and shapes

Aspen pay careful attention to ensuring your spa will remain as beautiful and functional as the day you picked it out. Aspen know the products they incorporate into your Aspen Spa mean you’ll always have clear water and will save energy and money

We we’re confident that you’ll find the reliability and performance of your Aspen Spa, its plumbing, technology and more, far surpass that of hot tubs made in other parts of the country and the world



Benefits of Hot Tub Usage

Being the owner of a Hot Tub promises a number of health benefits, as well as a treat for you and your family. Hot Tubs have been used as a source of relaxation in spa resorts and fitness centres all over the world and promote well-being and by owning your own one, this can give you more regular access to these benefits


Hot Tubs help to relax your body and mind, leading to a number of benefits to improve physical and mental health conditions. The warm water and bubbles will reduce the gravitational pull of your body, dilating the blood vessels which means less pressure on your heart, helping you cope with stress and anxiety and giving your body and mind time to relax

The temperature of the water will also induce perspiration which will help your body get rid of impurities and any water retention, which is a great way to detox your body and help those people who wish to lose weight or are struggling with cellulite
The Hot Tub jets contribute to helping those people with aching muscles and back pain. Patients with arthritis find this kind of hydrotherapy especially effective, as the warm water helps with the blood circulation, the lack of gravity in water lets them move around easier. The constant warm water will provide longer pain relief, compared with a hot bath, as the latter will start to cool down before you feel you are ready to get out of the water

The experience of using a Hot Tub will release the body’s natural feel-good chemicals called endorphins, which will make a person feel happy and relaxed – another factor that will help those suffering from anxiety or depression


A Hot Tub is a great place to enjoy social activities, such as spending time with friends or getting together with the family. As a Hot Tub owner, you will have the advantage of hosting responsible parties throughout the year in a relaxing and warm atmosphere. You can choose the size of your Hot Tub from two or up to ten people, depending on your needs. A Hot Tub can be enjoyed in all seasons: from a summer BBQ party to a winter get together, being enveloped in the hot water against the cold winter is excellent

With the rush of modern life, a Hot Tub has also become a place for families to enjoy a catch-up and unwind after a long day at work. Family members will enjoy a beneficial soak in the Tub, relaxing both the mind and the body, whilst catching up with the day’s events

With extras such as lights, sound systems and other gadgets that could be installed along with your Hot Tub, you could lead the way in social interaction amongst your friends!


Contrary to the belief that Hot Tubs are very expensive, you could actually save money in the long run! Hot Tubs come at a variety of prices which means you can pick one that is right for your budget and use the Tub to increase your fitness at home, rather than paying for a membership at the gym. A Hot Tub is especially effective for people who suffer from muscle, or poor joint conditions, as you can move more freely and pain-free in water. The pressure from the jets in the Hot Tub is strong, yet gentle and can work your muscles to get them into shape while you relax

A Hot Tub can also help you with that “getting away from it all” feeling you need, without costing a fortune. By relaxing in your Hot Tub, you can get similar feelings of relaxation as you would on a holiday break, with warm waters and stress-free atmosphere and all that can be achieved in your garden!


Hot Tubs have adapted to cater for most living spaces and can hold a various number of people, depending on your needs and the purpose of the Hot Tub.  You can decide where you want your new Hot Tub, indoors or outside in your garden


You can use your Hot Tub all year round, from enjoying the warm summer nights to looking at contrasting winter snow while the bubbles of the heated Hot Tub massage your body



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