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Agneta 18.8m+28.8m²



Supply Only: £15,135
Installation: £4000
Floor Insulation: £2350
Roof Insulation: £2750

  • wood type: Nordic spruce
  • logs with chalet-cut (better protection against wind and rain)
  • treated foundation joists and treated terrace boards
  • roof & floor boards with tongue & groove
  • laminated door frame
  • low door sill, covered with stainless steel
  • real double glass
  • cylinder lock
  • rubber seals and silicone (door/window)
  • window water gutter: metal
  • wind braces with wind protection threaded rods
  • assembly kit
  • 5 years guarantee



Total Height: 400cm   
Wall Height: 250cm             
Log Measures: 520x420cm         
Wall Measures: 500x400cm 


Area: 18.8+28.8 m²          
Volume: 63.8 m³         
Roof Area/Gradient: 67.2 m²/18.0º    



Floor: 28mm               
Roof Boards: 19mm               
Wall Thickness: 70mm        
Double Real Glass: 3-9-3 mm



Type Door/Window: Summer
Door Measures: 155x200cm
Window Measures: 170x161cm        


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