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TylöHelo is a Nordic sauna company, specialising in creating traditional sauna, Infrared and wellness experiences for a modern lifestyle. With 170 years of accumulated knowledge, they continue creating top quality sauna products made to be a vital part of healthy living. 2019 marked a milestone for their company when Tylö turned 70 and Helo celebrated 100 years as a sauna brand. 2019 also crowned the merger of the two brands into TylöHelo – a manufacturer of high-quality bespoke sauna rooms, sauna accessories, steam rooms and Infrared technology.

Tylö’s founder, Sven-Olof Janson, was an electrician whose ingenuity and motivation enabled him to develop smaller and more efficient sauna heaters. The company was founded in 1949 and has since successfully evolved into a global wellness company, which in 2017 became TylöHelo, with an extensive product portfolio of sauna heaters, prefab sauna rooms, steam and IR solutions.

For the last century, Helo, founded in 1919, has taken true traditional nordic sauna experiences to the world. Helo was the first manufacturer of electric sauna heaters – a revolution in the market by making it possible to install saunas in any home. Over the years, Helo heaters and custom-made sauna rooms have evolved into contemporary wellness solutions for modern lifestyles.


A sauna can be almost anything you want it to be: a time for yourself or with friends listening to the crackling wood burning fire in the calm of the night; a relaxing skin-cleansing steam sauna; or a session in the increasingly popular infrared sauna, easing your tender muscles. Regardless of preferences, the sauna will make you better.

Both sauna and steam bathing have been known for their benefits to health and wellbeing for many years. They raise your body’s temperature and promote sweating and that leads to a number of well-proven health benefits. This is known as ‘sweat bathing’. In this busy and stressful world of ours, that is almost cause enough in itself for you to invest in a sauna or steam room for deep relaxation.

Aside from helping you to relax and unwind, sweat bathing can:

Help your body to flush out toxins
Keep your cardiovascular system healthy
Boost your immune system
Ease aches and pains in muscles and joints

Sweat bathing achieves all this, and more, in a time-proven, natural and traditional way

Bathing in your own sauna or steam room is certainly luxurious, relaxing and enjoyable but surely, it must be the health benefits that have allowed sauna and steam to be such a part of so many cultures around the world for as long as they have.

Choose Your Style & Source of Relaxation

HARMONY – MODULAR Prefabricated saunas from TylöHelo are bundled with smart solutions for fast and easy assembly. You can build it yourself, customize and adapt to your personal taste. The foundation is always there, shaped by our extensive knowledge. Craftsmanship, solid materials and attention to detail stand at the core of this convenient sauna solution for modern homes and lifestyles

IMPRESSION – READY MADE Ready-made saunas from TylöHelo are bundled with smart solutions for fast and easy assembly. Carefully designed, the different ranges are filled with our passion for quality and craftsmanship, demonstrated in the visual impact of the sauna and not least in the way it feel to use. With different floor plans and layouts it is easy to find a suitable solution to cater to you personal sauna preferences

PANACEA TWIN – TWO IN ONE As a home spa or a commercial facility, the Panacea Twin is the perfect solution with its sleek lines and many choices for personalisation. Just the fact that you get both a sauna and a steam room in one frame gives the perfect look

The Tylö Combi Sauna Heater

Tylö made their first commercial sauna heater in 1960 in Sweden, a country famed for it’s individualistic sense of design. A less well-known fact about the Swedish is that they are even more keen on sauna bathing than the Finns. Tylö are one of the best-known sauna manufacturers in the world today but they began in the business as purely designers and manufacturers of sauna heaters. The Tylö Combi is their latest achievement and is indeed ‘the state of the art’

Offering you a Choice

The Tylö Combi is the only sauna heater on the market that offers you the choice of a traditional sauna, where the heat is high and the humidity is low, or ‘soft’ sauna which has a lower heat but a much higher humidity. The heater has an integral humidifier that you fill with water before use and then once the heater has reached its operating temperature – which it does more quickly than any other sauna heater on the market – you can set your desired level of humidity. The Tylö Combi even has built in dispensers for dried or fresh herbs and for essential oils so that you can enjoy a fragrant and therapeutic sauna bathing experience. This facility is known as ‘Tylarium’

Engineered to be Enjoyed

The Combi heater has a stainless steel stone compartment – which is unusually deep – and a solid-cast aluminium top. This level of engineering is designed to last a lifetime. The control panel is touch sensitive and shows both temperature and time as well as the operating mode of the sauna heater. The control panel has a memory function so that it will recall your previous, favourite settings. If the water level drops too low in the humidifier reservoir there is an automatic cut-off and the Combi heater will complete a drying cycle at the end of a steam session

The Tylö Combi is available in a range of heat outputs to suit different sauna sizes


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