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QCA is one of the oldest spa manufacturers, dating back to 1966. When you buy a QCA Spa, you buy a spa from a company with decades of experience and a reputation for quality

They are a leader in aquatic technology, constantly looking for ways to increase your enjoyment of the spa by adding features, improving technology, reducing maintenance and being more environmentally conscious


VL3 1.98 X 1.52 X 0.86m

4 Positions • 1 x 3hp Pump
24 Water Portals & Collar Jets Ozone
Main LED Light • Sterling Silver Acrylic
SQR Jet Design • Grey Cabinet
Waterproof Sealed Base • Gecko Controls
3 Year Warranty • 20A Electrical Supply

FROM £5200.00

VL5 1.98 x 1.98 x 0.92m

4 Positions • 1 x 3hp Pump
24 Water Portals & Collar Jets Ozone, Waterfall
8 Spot LED Lights • Sterling Silver Acrylic
SQR Jet Design • Grey Cabinet
Waterproof Sealed Base • Gecko Controls
3 Year Warranty • 20A Electrical Supply

FROM £6200.00

VL7 2.15 x 2.15 x 1.015m

6 Positions • 2 x 3hp Pump
78 Water Portals • Ozone, Waterfall
16 Spot LED Lights • Sterling Silver Acrylic
SQR Jet Design • Grey Cabinet
Waterproof Sealed Base • Gecko Controls
3 Year Warranty • 32A Electrical Supply

FROM £7200.00

About V LINE

Let us help you find your V Line Hot Tub on the Isle of Wight. Each spas is crafted to the highest standards of workmanship using only the finest materials and components

When they design a spa, whether it’s an intimate spa for 2 or a spacious 6-seater, they concentrate on one thing: giving you the very finest spa experience possible, in as many different ways as possible. Ergonomic seating design assures your ultimate comfort and satisfaction, no matter where you happen to be sitting in the spa

Every seating arrangement is carefully thought out so each individual has their own uncrowded space from head to toe. Jet types and placement are carefully considered to give each seat its own unique “feel” and range of massage sensations


They expect people to move around in the spas, sampling each seat and savoring the different flavors of massage from neck and shoulders, to back and thighs, calves, ankles and feet. From deep penetrating back massage and the foot-pleasing turbulence of a volcanic jet to the airy flutter of a neck-and shoulders waterfall, V Line Spas are dedicated to your total body pleasure.

The V Line spas are designed to deliver an American quality spa at a budget you can afford. Expect American innovation, pioneered together with the best materials to deliver sqr silicone free jets, Canadian gecko components & energy efficiency as standard. Utilizing on this American innovation, every spa is designed to deliver the ultimate hydrotherapy, backed up with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty plan

Let’s find your dream V LINE 

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