Enjoy Affordable Luxury Swimming or Relaxing With Houston Spas

Houston Spas and Swim Spas are designed to provide an outstanding hydromassage performance over a long product lifecycle. Careful engineering, precise manufacturing and stringent quality control routines are a cornerstone in Houston’s philosophy

The extensive experience and state of the art components provides play an important role in creating products for the ultimate hydro-massage experience and rewarding long-term ownership

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Pure Spa Experience


REVIVE 2.15 x 2.15m

Great five-seater spa with all the basics covered. Three spacious corner seats feature different massage jet layouts for different massage effect. Adjust each massage zone of the spa with separate controls valves.

FROM £5,495.00

PULSE 2.15 x 1.8m

This compact, only 1.8 m wide, spa seats up to 4 people in comfort. Massage for each side can be adjusted independently at the switch of a handle. With powerful massage, underwater lighting and molded cup holders it provides all you need for a relaxing time.

FROM £4,495.00

POWER 2.3 x 2.3m

A luxurious hot tub designed for aquatic indulgence. With its expansive layout, Power gracefully seats 5, offering personalized hydrotherapy through meticulously placed jets. Dive into relaxation and unwind together in your aquatic paradise.

FROM £6,495.00

THE GRAND 2.3 x 2.3m

The grand has everything you could wish for in a spa. Seating up to 6 persons with a Captain chair, lounger with leg and foot jets, two corner areas with neck and shoulder jets and a foot dome its complete relaxation.

FROM £14,495

RELAX 2.15 x 2.15m

Things can be so simple with this five seater. Ergonomically molded massage seats including a very efficient single lounger, well positioned massage jets and seperately controlled massage zones. Creating a simply comfortable package.

FROM £5,495

PLEASURE 2.3 x 2.3m

A harmonious oasis for up to 6, where relaxtion dances with luxury. With ergonomically designed loungers and an array of bespoke massage jets, immerse in a symphony of comfort and rejuvination.

FROM £6,495

DECADENCE 2.15 x 2.15m

This mid-range spa provides everything you need for having a great time. Seating up to 5 persons with 2 ergonomically formed lounge seats with built in arm rests, comfort headrests, a corner massage seat and powerful massage jets throughout.

FROM £5,495

ESCAPE 2.3 x 2.3m

Classic circular spa generously sized with space for up to 5 people. Each seat features a different massage jet arrangement and is the ideal spa for socialising with your friends or family or to simply have a relaxing evening after a stressful day.

FROM £4,495

ELEGANCE 2.5 x 2.3m

The Elegance spa is at the top of the lineup. Generous space for up to seven persons with innovative full body massage jet layout. This spa is a result of successfully integrating customer feedback into product design.

FROM £14,495


1.78 x 0.84m

Embrace serenity with the Chilli Willi Cold Plunge Tub. Crafted for cold therapy, its user friendly design offers precise temperature control and effortless maintenance. Engineered with high energy efficiency, perfect for outdoor indulgence.

FROM £3,795


4.8 x 2.3m

The latest addition to our swim spa range: AQ Vision features a generously sized swimming area equipped with two revolutionary underwater windows. Ergonomically formed massage seats and plenty of entry and exit positions make for a truly unique addition to your backyard.

FROM £19,495

AQ Flo 20 Combi

6.0 x 2.28m

Experience elevated luxury with the upgraded AQ Flo 20 product a sprawling retreat where relaxation knows no bounds. Rejuvenate in the spa zone, relish the grand swim area, and indulge in opulence with dual control convenience. Enchanting evenings await as a symphony of lights transforms every soak into pure magi.

FROM £25,495

AQ Flo 23 Combi

5.8 x 2.3m

Many situations require compromise, not so when choosing AQ Flo 23 Combi. Our top of the range swim spa combines a generous swimming area and a fully independent ultracomfortable spa area in one great package.Both zones are independently controlled and packed with great features.

FROM £28,495

AQ Flo 11

3.36 x 2.28m

At only eleven feet the AQ Flo 11 Party Pool brings all the benefits of a pool into any backyard. A full-body lounger and open swim zone brings year-round enjoyment to any backyard.

FROM £13,495

AQ Flo 12

3.36 x 2.28m

AQ Flo 12 combines all the benefits of a spa and a pool into one. The perfect place to spend time relaxing with the family year-round. The large swim area is designed with your exercise needs in mind. Virtual endless swimming and aquatic exercise that can be enjoyed any time of the year.

FROM £14,495

AQ Flo 15

4.6 x 2.28m

AQ Flo 15 is a remarkable blend of a spa and a pool,combining all the advantages into one extraordinary experience. With ample space and meticulous design, it seats up to 4 people for year-round family relaxation, and promises year-round relaxation and aquatic exercises for endless pleasure.

FROM £17,495

AQ Flo 18

5.2 x 2.28m

Immerse in Luxury. Expand your horizons with the AQ Flo 18, a haven of indulgence boasting expansive dimensions and an inviting open design. Elevate your backyard with ultimate relaxation and the allure of the vast AQ Flo 18.

FROM £20,495

View the range here on display or make an appointment to TRY BEFORE YOU BUY and experience the luxury yourself


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