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We have been given notice that there will be a 7% price increase on all Lugarde & Woodpro Garden buildings at the start of March so we have up until 28th Feb to get your orders in to beat the increase. This will also apply to the twin cabin.

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You will find hundreds of popular designs in our range. In addition, we offer plenty of room for customisation. Always with excellent value for money. Furthermore, Lugarde offers many free extras, such as double glazing, roofing, 3-point locks


  • robust, laminated 14cm x 14cm posts
  • wall sections are slid into the posts without nails and screws
  • aluminium strip slid into the slots ensures a solid construction
  • sleek and modern, but with a very robust look


  • quick and easy to assemble because all walls are prefabricated
  • wall panels are placed between posts, creating a modern look
  • mix & match system, decide the panels/types of wood you want


  • developed and patented by Lugarde
  • walls are slid into the corner posts without nails or screws, these corner posts have an aluminum inner core which makes the construction particularly stable
  • sleek corners for a modern look


  • developed and patented by Lugarde
  • walls are slid into the corner posts without nails or screws, these corner posts have an aluminum inner core which makes the construction particularly stable
  • sleek corners for a modern look


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Lugarde Quality


6.0m x 12.0m 44mm LOGS





Has your home become over crowded or are you looking to house an additional family member? Then this cabin is for you, the twin cabin is a comfortable living environment for an extension of your home


Do you have a space that you want to put a dwelling on, or land you would like to fill with holiday accommodation? Then this cabin is for you, designed to be seperated in 2 halves and moved so it complies with the caravan act

FOUNDATIONS THAT LAST – The ground screw foundations have significant load-bearing capacities and galvanised for an increased lifespan

SOLID & SUSTAINABLE – The interlocking nature of the logs creates a solid structure that can withstand all weathers

THERMAL BALANCE – The insulation used is designed to guarantee maximum comfort & efficacy in the long term

ENJOY THE PROCESS – From design to installation we’ll have it covered with our full professional service

The Details…

First-class wood at Lugarde

Whatever kind of garden house, log cabin, porch, garage or carport you choose, you want to be sure it is made of the best kind of wood.

At Lugarde you have a choice of three different types of wood:

  • Siberian Larch
  • Douglas wood
  • Spruce (with and without scaffolding wood look)

Your spruce garden house from Lugarde

Of course, you can always choose our beautiful spruce. This applies to the garden houses, log cabins, gazebos, garages and carports as well as for a garden house with panel system.

Our spruce is of high quality. It comes from northern countries with a cold climate. Because of this cold climate, the trees grow slower. This results in finer annual rings, which gives the spruce an even and strong structure. We dry the wood to approx. 14 – 16 % in drying chambers to prevent deformation. Because we make our own wood to measure, the wood parts fit together perfectly, down to the millimetre. We produce angle connections with high wind and water resilience for garden houses, log cabins and garages.

Top quality timber from northern countries

The spruce wood for our summerhouses, log cabins, gazebos, garages and carports is of the very best quality. It is sourced from northern countries with cold climates. As a result of this cold climate, the trees grow relatively slowly. The growth rings are closer together, making the wood more stable and durable. All of our timber is kiln dried in special drying rooms to approx. 14-16% moisture content, and as a result wood shrinkage is reduced. The fact that we cut the wooden components ourselves means that they fit together with millimetre precision. We produce corner connections with outstanding wind and water resistance for our log cabins, summerhouses and garages.

New wood species Siberian larch and Douglas wood

Siberian larch wood and Douglas wood are two new types of wood at Lugarde. You can order these types of wood if you order a garden house with panel system from Lugarde. The panel system is quick and easy to assemble because all walls are made as panels in our factory. Siberian larch is a beautiful durable wood, which you can apply to a garden house with panel system at Lugarde. Siberian larch grows – as the name suggests – in very cold areas. This is very beneficial, as the slower a tree grows, the more durable the wood becomes. Siberian larch grows very slowly due to the cold climate. The advantage here is that this wood can remain outside untreated for fifteen to twenty years. Of course, the durability of your garden house with panel system depends on the climate and weather conditions in your garden. Siberian larch wood naturally has a yellowish colour, but can grey over time. If necessary, you can still treat the wood with a transparent/covering oil or stain in order to prevent weathering, improve the colour or prolong the lifespan. We will be happy to advise you on what is best suited for your garden house.

Douglas wood can also be used for the garden house with panel system. Just like Siberian larch, Douglas wood is very durable. The big difference is that Douglas wood comes from Western Europe. Douglas, like Siberian larch, is very durable and lasts untreated for ten to fifteen years. Of course, this again depends on the climate and weather conditions in your garden. Douglas wood has a light yellow-red to yellow-brown colour, which can grey over time. You can counteract this by using a transparent/covering oil or stain. Douglas wood is available as a garden house with panel system and the Swedish rabat gunwale profile gives your garden house a classic and rural look.

We at Lugarde are proud to be able to offer you these two beautiful durable woods for your garden house besides our spruce.

Protect your summerhouse from the elements

With a complete and careful treatment, you are guaranteed to enjoy your wooden garden house for a long time. If you opt for a spruce garden house, we recommend that you treat the wood with a suitable and moisture-regulating wood preservative or have it treated by us before the assembly. This is the only way to optimally protect the wood. You generally do not need this for the Siberian larch and Douglas wood, but you can always add this when you order your garden house with panel system. Always have your garden house treated before it is assembled. If you paint the garden house after assembly, the protective agent will not reach certain places, such as wood joints.

We advise you to keep these tips in mind when buying paint. This is because the paint must have a moisture-regulating property and offer sufficient protection against UV radiation. When you order your wooden garden house, log cabin or canopy, you can immediately order the appropriate quality paint.

Don’t want to take care of painting it yourself right away? Have your garden house or log cabin treated in our factory. This way, pre-treatment with an impregnating agent is no longer necessary. The house is then protected for the first six to twelve months before it needs to be painted on the outside. You can also have your garden house or roof painted by us right away. This means it is protected for about five years.

Natural wood

Wood has a natural appearance. Characteristics such as larger or finer rings, grain, colour differences, changes and deformations are caused by the growth of the trees. These characteristics are quite normal for wood.

Another natural property of wood is expansion or contraction, which is caused by weather influences. We have taken this into account in the development of our building systems. These have been developed in such a way that the wood has enough room to expand and contract.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Nature is close to our hearts. That is why we take it for granted that our garden sheds and canopies are produced fully recyclable. We limit wood waste to an absolute minimum and use the residual wood for other purposes. For each tree we use for a Lugarde garden house, an average of 1.2 new trees are planted. This means that for every ten trees we use, 12 new trees will replace it. In addition, all our wood suppliers are PEFC and FSC certified.

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